AirGenieTM Sanitizer

Continuously Provides 99.9% Virus- Free Air For Classrooms

6 Air Changes Per Hour For An Average Size Classroom

100% Of Air In The Room Is Sanitized Every 10 Minutes


A Safer Way In For A New Way Forward

Safe Door Handles

Provides the safest and most advanced ANTIMICROBIAL hands free arm pull technology available.

Designed to easily fit on existing doors.

Copper pull for MINIMUM VIRUS LIFE.

Micro-textured copper surface for maximum virus disruption.

Promote YOUR commitment to the health and safety of your guest, clients, customers, patients and associates.

Sneeze Guards

Today more than ever it is important to keep the safety of your customers and associates at the forefront of any foodservice operation. We customize to keep your food lines and buffets sanitary and safe.

Spectrum & Grab-N-Go

Mobile Serving Systems Food Bars

Commercial Stainless Fabricators Spectrum product line offers so much versatility.  Mobile units can me moved from one location to the next.  Sections can be configured in the best order for your food service. These mobile serving counters provide durability through dent-and scuff-resistant seamless molded fiberglass counters, sleek stainless steel serving systems complete with the ability to laminate, powder coat, add vinyl graphics and long-lasting high-gloss, gel-coated colors.


Perfect a Grab & Go station. Keeps food and beverages at the proper temperatures. Sneeze guards promote a safe and healthy