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Recycle Soiled Polystyrene, reduce your business or school’s waste by 95% and can lower MSW waste hauling costs by 50%.

Food Waste Dehydrator

Food Waste Recycling, waste reduction and 100% land fill diversion.

AirGenie Sanitizer

The AirGenie Sanitizer UV-Air Purifier is a portable or wall mounted, eliminates 99.9% of airborne viruses.


Fully automated hands-free motion sensor front of the house trash compactor.

StyroGenie Polystyrene Densifier

The StyroGenieTM Polystyrene (similar to StyrofoamTM) Densifier, SG-1200, is a low cost, thermal densification machine that reverses the styrofoam manufacturing process by removing the air and returning it to a liquid resin.

Food Waste Dehydrator

Provides on-site reduction of food waste volume – up to 90%. The residual dried food waste (DFW) can be used as either a valuable compost feedstock or in animal feed.

AirGenie Sanitizer

The AirGenie Sanitizer UV-Air Purifier is a portable or wall mounted, compact disinfection device designed to eliminate 99.9% of airborne viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), from the air with up to 6 Air Changes per Hour (ACH).

Front of the House Trash Compactor

Fully automated hands-free motion sensor front of the house trash compactor.  Four loadings before compaction is required, nine second compaction cycle. Each unit is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel for better durability and ease of cleaning. Easy-to-change slide in décor options and cus-tom decor finishes are also available



Harvard Elementary School 

FSS Awards Harvard Elementary School with it’s highest distinction, the Best in Class Certificate of Excellence for K-12 Schools in the entire state of Texas!  

This award recognizes their achievement in outstanding implementation and execution with their StyroGenie foam densifier, which enables them to both Recycle 100% of their foam lunch trays and keep strong cost controls in place during these challenging times.

With nearly 700 students, Harvard ES has done the best as consistently Recycling their polystyrene foam (#6 Recyclables) for many years, with very clean densified foam minimal amounts of contamination.   On average, they recycle over 100,000 foam trays per year, with the densified foam blocks being converted back into petroleum for another Life Cycle.

Harvard Elementary’s Principal, Mrs. Laura’s Alaniz.  Special recognition also goes to Environmental Science Teacher, Mrs. Mary Kelly Shannon, who helps organize the school’s ECO Parent Committee by implementing the StyroGenie.

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